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Frida Kahlo: From Body Shame To Personal Style

Frida Kahlo: From Body Shame To Personal Style

Who hasn't used fashion as camouflage?  My Mom has forever refused to cinch a belt around anything she wears, thinking it will "emphasize her big bum." At 85-years-old, she isn't about to change but I still wish she could embrace what some people consider a heaven sent attribute.

Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist and now pop culture icon wasn't immune to this either. After childhood polio and later a devastating bus accident left her with a withered leg and a back brace, she started to dress in long skirts and boxy blouses topped with a flower crown on her long head-circling braid.  

In a new exhibition: "Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up," co-curators Laurie Wilcox and Circe Henestrosa suggest:

The last thing you'd be thinking of when you saw her were her disabilities. The flamboyance was distracting.

 Well. Who knew?

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