Our Story

Hi, I'm Micheline.

An entrepreneur. A designer, maker, secret lover of slapstick comedy and dedicated to helping you become who you are.

We accessorize ourselves everyday in an effort to tell the world who we are and what we represent. But we often end up feeling anonymous or looking like copies of the latest influencer. I know. I have been trying to get people to see the real me my entire life.

How did I end up with this burning no-holds-barred mission?

Follow me back to middle school, a middle school where if you were anybody you had to wear a specific silver necklace: a necklace with a pendant bearing your initial. You know where this story is going, right? A day was chosen by my group of friends to wear our initial necklaces to school and when the time came to reveal our necklaces to each other they discovered I had decided to wear a silver heart around my neck. My choice resulted in being bullied for the next few months. I remember thinking, “Why do they hate me for choosing to be different?” But more in a twelve-year-old’s way: “Really? WTF?!” Since then I have been celebrating differences. 

Imagine if when people looked at you they got you. No. REALLY saw you for the unique, one-of-a-kind human you truly are. Now imagine if all that came from a piece of jewelry.

I created my brand atelier J contemporary jewelry four years ago to help people express themselves through our designs. We do this by offering:

  • Original designs with clean lines and a pop of colour–even when that colour is black!
  • Simple forms accented with colourful gems or powder-coating pigments that eschews trends and that are contemporary AND timeless.
  • We take our style cues from the contemporary art world.